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“Trading Skyscrapers for Spruces: Embarking on the Ultimate BC Adventure in Rural Living”

Dreaming of ditching that claustrophobic condo in downtown Vancouver? Yearning for wide-open spaces where the only traffic jams involve herds of deer? Well, you’re not alone! The hustle to rural utopia in British Columbia is picking up steam faster than a hipster runs to the newest kombucha bar.

What’s got everyone swapping their penthouse view for the serene sights of BC’s backcountry? A cocktail of soaring inflation rates, increasing crime, and a concrete deficit of green spaces. In 2022, Canadians saw city prices soar by 6.8% – enough to make anyone want to yodel in the mountains.

But before you trade your suit for flannel, let’s navigate the winding road of rural British Columbia living. Here’s what to consider:

Purpose: This isn’t just land; it’s your future slice of paradise. Whether farming, starting an artisan cheese shop, or writing your manifesto, knowing you’re ‘why’ narrows down the ‘where.’

Location, Location, Eh?: You might still crave a quick coffee run or occasional sushi night. Check the property’s closeness to towns. Also, ensure you won’t need a helicopter or moose to access your home. Access sometime can be challenging.

Soil Quality: Whether planting trees or just planning to stretch out on the lawn, the earth underfoot matters. Friendly and fertile is the goal!

Water Resources: Dreaming of a stream or building a pond? In BC, you’ll need a water license for non-domestic use. So, decide if you’re the “wild stream” type or more of a “water pitcher” person.

Zoning and Land Use: Hoping for a sprawling cabin or an off-the-grid tiny home? Double-check local zoning laws to ensure your dream home isn’t just a dream.

Utilities and Infrastructure: Even rural romantics need some modern comforts. A solid internet connection, electricity, and plumbing (because an outhouse isn’t everyone’s cup of tea).

Environmental Factors: Is your chosen spot a butterfly haven? Or perhaps in the path of annual migratory ducks? Environmental surprises can be charming or challenging, so it’s good to know.

Survey and Boundaries: BC is vast, but your plot won’t be. Know where your slice of heaven starts and ends with a property survey.

Price and Financing: Ensure your BC getaway doesn’t empty your piggy bank. Do some math, compare local properties, and get the best bang for your buck. Financing for rural properties has its own rules.

And, of course, the internet. Want to stream, work, or brag about your new views on social media? Connectivity in BC’s wilderness varies, so options like broadband, satellite, and wireless networks are crucial.

Investing in BC’s rural side promises cleaner air, sprawling views, and a pace of life where every second can be savoured. So, grab those hiking boots and say ‘hello’ to your next adventure!”  

Experts on your side: Last but not least, Use the expertise of a trusted and knowledgeable realtor and a rural Mortgage expert.

Freddy & Linda Marks, 3A®Group RE/MAX Nyda Realty

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