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Western Investor: New gold mine will transform tiny, historic Wells, B.C.

Cariboo Gold project – which has completed its environmental assessment – would generate $53 million annual payroll and require twice as many workers as the town’s currrent population Nelson Bennett, Glacier Media. The tiny, historic town of Wells, B.C. is about to experience an economic transfusion, whether it likes it or not, in the form of […]

“Trading Skyscrapers for Spruces: Embarking on the Ultimate BC Adventure in Rural Living”

Dreaming of ditching that claustrophobic condo in downtown Vancouver? Yearning for wide-open spaces where the only traffic jams involve herds of deer? Well, you’re not alone! The hustle to rural utopia in British Columbia is picking up steam faster than a hipster runs to the newest kombucha bar. What’s got everyone swapping their penthouse view […]

Western Investor: Camping goes upscale as land, operating costs bite

Peter Mitham, Western Investor
Jun 13, 2023

Operators focus on RVs, luxury amenities for post-pandemic glampers. Private campground operators are upgrading sites and investing in amenities as high land costs and rising expenses put an emphasis on cash flow. The timing couldn’t be better, however. High housing costs in the run up to the pandemic saw many people swap Van city for van life, while COVID-19 spawned renewed interest in getting outdoors.

Part 2: Locating and Evaluating Potable Water Sources on Rural Property

When the property you are inspecting has a “shallow well” designation you could come across a system as crude as a large open pit dug by a backhoe that captures ground seep and run-off water to a hand-bored sand point with a hand pump or 12-volt solar pump on off-grid properties. Shallow wells are typically 25 feet below the surface of the ground or less and can experience taste and odor issues from mineral content like iron and manganese.

Locating and Evaluating Potable Water Sources on Rural Property

Part 1 of a two-article series on groundwater sources and water systems on rural land.

A clean, year-round, potable water source will always be the most important land attribute you need to sustain life. Understanding the different types of rural property water sources and how you can and cannot access, divert and use them will save you time in vetting rural properties and raw land for both residential and commercial use.

Early spring land tours reveal more than just flood risks. 

Break up has arrived in the interior of the province, and Right Now! is one of the best times to head north and strap on pair of snowshoes or a pair of rubber boots and go make trails around the properties you are interested in possibly owning.

Walking property during the transition between winter and spring will give you valuable insight into how the geography changes with winter snow accumulation, and more importantly how well the geography deals with snow melt and runoff water. Characteristics you need to know about before you invest in or plan the location of driveways, dwellings, gardens, and outbuildings.

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