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Waterfront Property Rewards Beyond Value Retention

Savvy buyers and property investors look beyond luxury square footage to first locate a one-of-a-kind, spectacular location before entering into any type of residential or
commercial land purchase, and so should you! 

Whether you buy .25 or 500+ acres, a land purchase is an investment in the physical
geography in that unique location. Highly sought after geographical attributes like,
water frontage, clean air, sunshine hours, fertile soil, mild climate, mature trees & timber, the view, the privacy and clean drinking water, all factor into the locations desirability and increases the richness of both lifestyle and market value.

Waterfront property tops the list of locations that are just geographically special. As humans we feel a connection to the land at the waters-edge, these locations evoke feelings and emotions that have a lasting, positive impact on our physical and mental health and well-being. Lakefront property owners will tell you, they spend time just gazing out over the unimpeded view of the water, watching the eagles soar against the backdrop of forested mountains, and it brings them peace and contentment. Not to mention the back door access to water play adventure activities like swimming, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and sport fishing. 

Waterfront property is upheld as the prestigious pinnacle of land ownership and has the potential to be a much more advantageous purchase because of its rarity. Waterfronts tend to appreciate faster than landlocked titles, as the demand forever outweighs the supply for the coveted waterfront lifestyle.  Even with the current slide in prices during this market correction, residential and commercial waterfront properties are retaining their value far better than luxury urban homes. 

In BC, we have over 20,000 lakes and 750,000 km of waterways, and thousands of acres of privately owned waterfront land, from west coast ocean front, to interior lake front, and river and creek frontages. Because of its attractive attributes and scarcity, waterfront properties get listed less frequently and waterfronts generally sell faster and for more return on investment.

Many recreational waterfronts are family owned and get passed down to the next
generation to ensure the land title stays in the family. Thus, not all waterfront property owners are rich, many pool extended family resources to purchase and pay for the costs of waterfront land taxes and upkeep to ensure the entire family has a private oasis to share and enjoy.

With British Columbia breaking records for the number of people moving to the
province in 2021, with 100,797 new residents, the highest annual total since 1961, we can expect even more pressure and crowds on existing public waterway access points
and beaches.

Waterways are a main source of recreation in our province for residents and tourist alike. Hundreds of thousands of visitors spend time and money to travel and stay at waterfront campgrounds, resorts, lodges and Air B&B’s. When you factor in travel and accommodation costs of renting a waterfront cottage for a one week holiday, it can often be more than what you pay for your own mortgage for a full month, and that is before you stock the refrigerator with holiday eats and drinks or find fido a doggy hotel to stay at for the time you are away.

As a professional who deals in making dreams come true, helping people make one of the most important decisions of their lives, I have observed a noticeable change in perspective as to what is “most important” to them. Whether it is the realization that life is too short to spend 2-3 hours of every day in a gridlock commute or that the cosmopolitan urban lifestyle they imagined is now mired in the high cost of purchasing a dwelling that they cannot afford to live in into their retirement.

A rich life, is relative to what you consider valuable, and if you have an adventurous spirit, don’t mind hands on outdoor work and want to live a spectacular lifestyle filled with outdoor adventure that will bring you great future returns then you should seriously consider commercial waterfront accommodation property.

Operating a Waterfront RV Resort, Lodge, B&B or Wilderness tourism accommodation property is one of the most rewarding lifestyles a family or couple can share. Imagine waking up everyday in a spectacularly beautiful location and your job is to market,
manage & steward the property while ensuring that every visitor you welcome has a rewarding and memorable guest experience.

A waterfront resort property offers long term value and untapped revenue streams that are constrained only by your imagination. If you do not wish to cater to short term visitors, many titles will allow you to subdivide and sell lucrative individual private RV/vacation lots, or sell off the other subdivided parcels to ensure the parcel you keep is paid for. It’s a solid investment in yourself, your lifestyle, and your future finances worth exploring!

The demand for BC waterfront will always outweigh the supply, and right now opportunity knocks for those with the foresight to capitalize on not only a dream lifestyle, but a savvy commercial investment that will retain and gain value while you live it.

Freddy & Linda Marks, 3A®Group RE/MAX Nyda Realty

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