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Two weeks of staying home!

Hello, from Linda & Freddy Marks 
It has been two weeks into working from home and not having personal meetings with clients. Life can change quickly, and we always intend to forget this.
On a positive note, we have never used more skype meetings, Face time calls and zoom meetings than we did in the last 14 days. Everybody we talked to by using these tools enjoyed the personal touch it offers. We assume that we will be using much more of these tools now after this experience. 
The market has slowed down, but buyers’ inquiries are coming in from all over the planet. No surprise, with most of us sitting at home and going from one screen to another. 
We will keep you informed. Every week until this pandemic is over. We will send you updates. Should you have questions about your listing (Seller), about a listing (Buyer) or anything else property related call (604 997 5398 Freddy, 604 997 5399 Linda), skype or zoom meet us. 
Continue to stay home if possible, follow the social distancing procedure and stay healthy and safe.

Call other family members & friends you haven’t talked to for a while. Show them that you care. If you have small Children, play with them. They will remember this forever. Read a good book.

We would like to end with the following thought:
Sometimes it the best thing you can do is not to think, not to obsess. Just breathe and have faith that all will work out for the best! Author unknown.

Linda Marks, Freddy Marks,  Evelyn Marks, Clarinder ter Haar, The 3A® Group, selling BC’s Best Properties!

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