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Realistic Goal Setting Adds Value to More than your Bottom Line.

Remember back to a time when you were imagining how you would run your own business and what kind of lifestyle you would enjoy as a result of your imagined efforts. Before you registered your business name or incorporated, and before you knew what you know now about being an independent business owner. Was there a feeling attached to that memory of pride, contentment and freedom to be able to achieve all the things that you wanted to in life?

You felt compelled enough to follow those dreams, put in the hard work, sacrifice and achieve your goal to become the business owner you are today. No matter what type of business you own and operate, you have taken on the responsibility to be successfully accountable to your customers, clients, your employees, your family and ultimately to yourself. Entrepreneurs are a hardy breed of human, you saw potential in a certain market, created a business plan and took the risks associated with starting your business. You are a success today because of your ingenuity, creative problem solving skills and ultimately how you are able to manage your time in achieving your short and long term goals. 

Goals are the object of a person’s ambition or effort, and long term goals don’t happen without countless days or even years of short term goals being met along the way. Goals fall into many different categories of importance, personal goals, family goals, estate goals, business goals, just to name a few. They can also be thought of as targets, desires, intentions and purpose. Goals are ultimately the destination to a journey. 

But LIFE itself, is the ultimate journey, and above all else we should hold our life’s purpose in the forefront of our ambitions. There are only so many hours in a day, and as business owners, we must make decisions and direct energy and effort into both short and long term goals to keep being successful at what we do. It is an unspoken desire that we will be HAPPY and FULFILLED with our lives when we lay our heads on our pillows at night after reaching the tangible goal of success.

As we age, we change and we are continually reassessing what our aspirations are, what makes us happy and fulfilled, and our life experiences play a role in how we adjust the directions in which we set our goals. To get to the end of life and have reached all your business and estate goals, but not many of your personal or life goals is to fall short of the real reason we are here. Life’s journey is to be savoured, nurtured and enhanced by our experiences. Every single person is on a different journey to contentment. No one can tell you what direction you should be taking to attain the ultimate goal of true fulfillment in your life, but you. 

That said, there are ways to enhance our ability to recognize and achieve the that inner satisfaction that comes from setting, prioritizing and achieving short term desires along with long term business goals.
It comes down to balance, priorities and presence. As we head into the new year, making changes in the way we prioritize our time, how we engage in the activities we participate in and the choice we make to put ourselves first on the priority list of people to please will bring internal satisfaction. This balance in  life creates further success and happiness.

Happy people have less stress, are more productive at work and that happiness is felt by all those that surround us. It multiplies into happy customers, happy clients, happy employees and a happy family and personal life. True to your self happiness, should be forefront of your 2020 aspirations, and the way to achieve long term happiness is to set short term life goals that will ultimately lead to a happier you.

Happy New Year from Linda & Freddy Marks
3AGroup Sutton Showplace Realty. 

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