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Archives: May 2020

Chilliwack family cracks open direct sales

Chilliwack family cracks open direct salesThe Egg Shack expands to roadside sales MAY 1, 2020byJackie PearaseCHILLIWACK – A foray into farmgate egg sales using an automated, cashless vending machine is proving advantageous for Brightside Poultry in Chilliwack. Richard and Jacqueline Boer have the first farm in North America to use the egg vending machine, made […]

Will COVID-19 herald the end of urban density?

The pandemic has left some questioning the ‘grand bargain’ of small condo life — but for others forced to ride transit and continue working in public, there’s no choice at all, and even the best laid urban plans will have to adapt. Stefan Labbé / Tri-City News MAY 18, 2020 04:47 PMShannon Johnstone returns home from a […]

Great article by the Western Investor Real Estate Magazine from last week. We are happy that we could give some inside on the market at the time of C19.

Rural property search surges during pandemic Suddenly that guy who lives off grid and grows his own vegetables doesn’t seem so crazy Frank O’Brien Western InvestorMay 12, 2020 Freddie Marks is a specialist in B.C rural recreational property but his phones have lit up with calls from the big city since the pandemic brought on self-isolation […]

COVID-19 might kill the rental property industry

By Chris Seepe The financial situation of every rental property is as different as a fingerprint. Every operator applies their level of experience, understanding, operating sophistication and personal values of what’s most important to them in owning and operating a rental property. Therefore, the numbers below can only very roughly approximate the breakdown of costs of […]

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